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Harbor Seal Origins

Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg

"The Seal You Need, When You Need It"


From humble beginnings in the O-ring/elastomer business, from innovative pump packing to patented modern mechanical seal designs. Harbor Seal Inc has nearly 40 years of solving        fluid  handling problems, and has partaken in the evolution of  mechanical seals.  Located in LA County, we offer new custom designs to suit your particular needs. We can upgrade existing packed pumps to more evolved sealing methods.


 Harbor Seal is the only seal manufacturer that can make the claim to produce our own  silicon carbide from powder to product via our own equipment, our own diamond tools and grinding wheels, as well as wind coil springs, form wave springs, form graphoil, teflon wedges and rings. 


We formulate the powder, press any size part via our designed and produced conical tooling, green machine the pressed powder part to near final shape when it only takes minutes to machine. Sinter it, then finish grind via our own produced diamond grinding wheels. The wheels are made by us in a variety of sizes and shapes for greatest production efficiency. Subsequent lapping is done on diamond plates of our design and manufacture.

Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg
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