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S4 Split Cartridge Seal (Balanced Seal)

Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg
Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg

The S4 Split Seal Is Unrivaled, When It Comes To Installation, Simplicity, and Functionality.

This video was made recently with a coworker where we installed a Harbor Seal S4 split seal. (100% USA Made)


We have been distributing these seals regularly for several years along with repair kits (elastomers & faces) to our local reclamation plants, sanitation facilities, public works departments, and etc.


A majority of other companies have split seal videos where they deceptively leave major steps out in order to make the process look easier than it truly is.



Harbor Seal, not being afraid of a challenge, decided to make this video out in the field, to truly prove how unrivaled the S4 really is.  



Let me know what you think, and feel free to give me a shaft size with desired materials or pumpage, and we will quote you that same day!

Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg
Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg
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Harbor Seal LOGO .jpg
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