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Silicon Carbide 

Reaction Bonded Silicon From Powder To Product 

Product Overview

Harbor Seal Inc is the only seal manufacturer that can make the claim to produce our own silicon carbide from powder to product via our own equipment, our own diamond tools and grinding wheels...

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Attention To Detail


Step 1.  We formulate the powder and press any size piece via our designed and produced conical tooling. 

Step 2.  Green machine the pressed powder part to near final shape, it only takes minutes to machine due to precise tooling. 

Step 3.  Sinter the silicon in our high temperature furnace, then finish grinding via diamond grinding wheels.

PS.  The grinding wheels are made in house in a variety of sizes for the greatest production efficiency. Subsequent lapping is done on diamond plates of our design and manufacture.

Visual Representation Of Process (1-2 Days Completion)

Pre Cook

1.  From our conical tooling we are able to shape the silicon carbide faces with the OEM dimensions, or custom dimensions. (Pre-furnace, powder stage)

Post Cook

2.  After the sintering process, you will have excess material that can be removed by hand, followed by our diamond grinding machine to reach the required spec. (Post furnace stage)

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Harbor Seal's High Temperature Furnace 


3.  Once the silicon carbide has been ground down to its required dimensions, it is later lapped and polished via diamond plates of our design and manufacture, to give it a glossy and flat finish.

Feel Free To Stop By If You Don't Believe It! Harbor Seal Is Actually USA Made! 

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Silicon Carbide Quote Request 

In order for Harbor Seal to produce your desired sealing face, we would need either a sample of the unit and/or a engineered drawing of the unit.

Email any drawings to '' in order to receive price and delivery. 

Thank you!

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