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Carbon & Tungsten Carbide Sealing Faces 


Attention To Detail


Unlike Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide, Carbon cannot be ground, it can only be turned via cnc or manual lathe to reach its required specs. Tungsten Like Silicon is ground via diamond wheels of Harbor Seal's design and manufacture to ensure product efficiency and dimensional accuracy.


Harbor Seal's regular use carbon is considered GRAS by the FDA (FDA approved, generally regarded as safe) unlike tungsten because of its nickel and other additive content. Silicon is naturally FDA approved for those who may wonder.

If you have a custom piece that needs to be made new, all we need is a sample or a drawing!

We can make 1 piece for you, or 1000 pieces, no minimum quantity required when dealing with Harbor Seal!

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Carbon and Tungsten Carbide Quote Request 

In order for Harbor Seal to produce your desired sealing face, we would need either a sample of the unit and/or a engineered drawing of the unit.

Email any drawings to ''  in order to receive price and delivery. 

Thank you!

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