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Split Mechanical Seals

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The balanced design of the S4 Split Seal  allows for pressure up to 300psi (20bar) and higher than usual RPM's - The robustness of the S4 combined with it's positive drive seating element directly combats viscous and crystallizing fluids, which is just one of many reasons why the S4 is unrivalled in simplicity and design.

The S4 can withstand .062" in shaft runout.


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Ribbon Blender Split Seal

The Ribbon Blender Split Seal can handle product pressures up to 400psig (27bar) and can withstand large radial and axial shaft movement. It is typical for Industrial processing equipment such as agitators, reactors and mixers, to have a large range of shaft movement, which is why the RBSS is the most adequate mixer split seal for your processing and mixing application.


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